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  • Firearms Safety Rules
    Always... #1- Assume All Firearms Are Loaded. #2- Keep Firearms Pointed in the Safest Direction Possible. #3- Keep Your Finger Firmly Planted Along the Slide or Frame Until On Target & Ready to Shoot. #4- Be Sure of Your Surroundings.
  • What is the recommended order for Training Courses?
    The Introduction to Handgun, Shotgun, & Rifle Fundamentals classes are a great starting point to learn safety and storage considerations, how to choose the right firearm for you, proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and diagnosing any issues with the fundamentals. These classes are beneficial for anyone who has not trained with a professional Instructor in order to learn the safest, most efficient methods. These classes also include the use of a rental handgun. Individual Lessons are a great follow-up to the Introductory group classes in order to provide personalized coaching specific to individual needs, concerns, and equipment. Discounted Individual Lessons are offered between other classes or at times when I am already at the office and can be found on the scheduling page. Specific dates/times not listed can be scheduled by request. The Ladies Intermediate Handgun class provides an opportunity to work on developing proper draw techniques (from a variety of holster types/positions), loading/unloading, clearing malfunctions and discussion on conflict avoidance, cover vs concealment and marksmanship vs defensive shooting, in a classroom environment. Every gun owner should attend the Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals Course. This class provides an in-depth understanding of Gun Laws & Liability, Self Defense Laws, Safety Planning, and the Mental/Emotional Aspects of Self-Defense. Whether you want to get your State issued permit or not, this class is about being a responsible, informed gun owner. We offer a variety of Use of Force Simulator Training Programs designed to develop Stress Management, Decision-Making & De-escalation Techniques, while building on the Recognition-Primed Decision Making process with a review of self defense law and liability. You are much more likely to save lives with Emergency Medical skills than with a gun. First Aid/CPR/AED Training should be attended by everyone, and is offered on a regular basis through both American Red Cross and Health Safety Institute. FAST (First Aid for Severe Trauma), Advanced Bleeding Control, Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, Stop the Bleed, Wilderness First Aid, Emergency Medical Responder, Babysitter Safety Programs, and Emergency Medical Instructor Courses are also available. Training in Defensive Shooting Fundamentals is a necessary and often overlooked part of any training program. These courses teach how to safely and efficiently draw from your holster, develop an understanding of Intuitive Defensive Shooting vs Precision Shooting and work with your bodies natural reactions to help you become familiar with your individual capabilities. In these classes we work from different shooting positions, one-hand and support hand shooting and shooting from behind cover. We also provide several other beneficial classes such as the Top Concealed Carry Handguns class, Active Shooter Response, Realtor Safety Training, Ladies & Teens Personal Safety Workshops, Home Safety Planning, Self Defense Law Seminars, and many other special events and training opportunities including Law Enforcement & Church Security Training. You can see a current class schedule at
  • Do I need a Concealed Carry Permit?
    Kansas & Missouri both allow Constitutional Carry. Meaning that you no longer need a Concealed Carry Permit to carry in the States of Kansas or Missouri as long as you are not legally prohibited from possessing a Firearm. There are several benefits to having a Concealed Carry Permit but every gun owner should take the course for the education, whether you decide to get a Permit or not. The Concealed Carry Course not only covers the exemptions from Constitutional/Permitless Carry, but also provides an in-depth understanding of Self Defense Laws and Liabilities, Home Safety Planning & Mental/Emotional preparedness for Self Defense. A Kansas Concealed Carry Permit provides reciprocity with 39 States in addition to Kansas and a Missouri Permit provides reciprocity with 36 States in addition to Missouri. Having a State-issued Concealed Carry Permit is also an exemption to the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act which prohibits having a loaded or unsecured firearm within 1000 feet of School Property. Having a Concealed Carry Permit can provide additional benefits when purchasing Firearms or dealing with Law Enforcement.
  • How do I know what gun is right for me?
    We discuss several considerations and recommendations in selecting a Self Defense Handgun in the Basic Classes. We also offer a "Top Concealed Carry Handguns" class that provides the opportunity to shoot and compare several highly recommended handgun models along with Instructor guidance and a provided worksheet in order to help with your selection process.
  • Do I have to have my own gun before coming to class?
    Not at all. In fact we highly recommend attending the Introduction to Handgun class before purchasing your own gun so we can guide you through choosing the right gun for you. For this reason the Basic classes already include use of our rental guns. Rental guns can be added to most other classes for an additional fee.
  • How much are Range Fees?
    Classes taught at the NAV Training Facility use the range at Centerfire Shooting Sports. The range fees at Centerfire are $16.95/hour. Range fees for any classes held at Hillsdale Range are $15/day (cash). The Bullet Hole range fees are $20/day. Any other locations will be specified in the class registration.
  • Do you offer Private Lessons?
    Private Lessons are added to the schedule during convenient times at a reduced fee. Other dates/times can be requested by emailing and will be priced at $100/hour.
  • Do you offer kids classes?
    Absolutely! We offer kids classes as private lessons for the child and a coach. Dates/times can be requested by emailing
  • Does my Concealed Carry Certificate Expire?
    Kansas & Missouri Certificates of Training never expire. As long as you still have your original certificate, you can submit it along with your application. If you have lost your certificate and took the class from NAV, you can request a new copy at
  • Where are you located?
    Our Facility is located in Olathe, KS, just South of Kansas City. 12755 S. Mur-Len, Olathe, KS 66062 (I-35 & 127th)
  • When are you open?
    We are open by Appointment Only since we are generally teaching during business hours. You can see the available class listing at
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