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Ken Johnson

NRA & USCCA Firearms Instructor

Susan Hutchcraft has been a full-time Law Enforcement Officer in Kansas for over 17 years, and spent 8 years also working as a Firefighter & Emergency Medical Responder in both Public Safety and Volunteer positions. During her career she specialized in the Investigation of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence & Juvenile Crime, as a Detective and School Resource Officer. Her commitment to community safety & training throughout the years led to opportunities to teach Personal Safety, Security & Emergency Medical skills within the Police Department, School Districts, and as a Cub Scout Leader.

Susan founded Not A Victim Firearms Training in early 2016 in order to provide practical, evidence-based training in a comfortable environment for anyone of any skill level. She has quickly become one of the Nation’s Leading Female Firearms Instructors, personally training over 7,000 students and over 350 new Instructors in the last few years while volunteering with several National Organizations to offer additional training opportunities. Her personal & professional life experience, extensive continued education, understanding of multidisciplinary safety concepts, and commitment to the best interest of her students provide a truly unique training experience.

Professional Certifications Include: 

  • Sworn Kansas Law Enforcement Officer

  • Licensed Private Detective in Kansas & Missouri

  • National Firefighter I Certification & Firefighter II Completion

    • Hazardous Materials Awareness Certification

    • Hazardous Materials Operations Certification

    • Hazardous Materials WMD Incident Response Awareness

  • National Emergency Medical Responder Certification

  • NRA School Shield Staff Instructor

    • NRA School Shield Security Assessor​

  • USCCA Account Executive- Kansas & Missouri

  • Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent​ in KS, MO, AR, SC & WI

  • 2A Women National Spokesperson & Kansas State Director

  • National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association (NLEFIA)

    • Advanced Handgun & Rifle Instructor

  • NRA Instructor & Training Counselor #218902777 

    • NRA Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor

    • NRA Law Enforcement Shotgun Instructor

    • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

    • NRA Pistol Instructor

    • NRA Rifle Instructor

    • NRA Shotgun Instructor

    • NRA Shotgun Assistant Coach

    • NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor

    • NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

    • NRA Women on Target Clinic Instructor

    • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor

    • NRA CCW Instructor

    • NRA Hunter Education Instructor

  • USCCA Instructor & Training Counselor #691829

    • USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals

    • USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals #1 & #2

    • USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundamentals

    • USCCA Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

    • USCCA Women’s Handgun & Self Defense Fundamentals

    • USCCA Laser Train

    • USCCA Range Safety Officer

  • Kansas Concealed Carry Instructor

  • Missouri Concealed Carry Instructor

  • Law of Self Defense Instructor Program Graduate

    • Law of Self Defense- Self Defense Insurance Explained

    • Law of Self Defense Level 1- Kansas

    • Law of Self Defense Level 1- Missouri

  • Force Science Analyst

    • Force Science De-escalation Instructor

  • US Gun Class Kansas & Missouri Instructor

  • The Well-Armed Woman Instructor & Kansas State Leader

  • ALICE Training Institute Instructor

  • ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Instructor

  • AVERT- Active Violence Emergency Response Training Instructor

  • Kansas Hunter Education Instructor

  • USA Archery Level 1 Archery Instructor

  • HSI, ASHI & Medic First Aid Level 3 Instructor & Instructor Trainer

    • Child & Babysitting Safety Instructor Trainer

    • Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Trainer

    • Basic Life Support Instructor Trainer

    • Emergency Medical Responder Instructor Trainer

    • Wilderness First Aid Instructor Trainer

    • Advanced Bleeding Control Instructor Trainer

  • American Red Cross Instructor Trainer & Training Center

    • Babysitter's Training Instructor

    • First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Trainer

    • Basic Life Support Instructor Trainer

    • CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers Instructor

    • Emergency Medical Responder Instructor Trainer

    • Wilderness & Remote First Aid Instructor Trainer

    • First Aid for Severe Trauma Instructor Trainer

  • American Heart Association Instructor

    • First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor

    • Basic Life Support Instructor

  • ECSI Instructor

    • Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor

    • Wilderness First Aid Instructor

  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Instructor

  • National Stop The Bleed Instructor

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Certification 

  • AGI Glock Law Enforcement Armorer 

Continued Training Programs:

  • Andrew Branca, Law of Self Defense

  • Arcadia Cognerati

  • Chuck Joyner, FBI Supervisory Field Agent

  • Daniel King, Force Science Investigations Team

  • Dr. Chuck Rylant, Allan Hancock College Police Academy

  • Dr. Laurence Miller, PhD Clinical, Forensic & Police Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

  • Dr. Terry Wollert, A Scientific Approach to Reality-Based Training

  • Dr. William Lewenski, Phd, Executive Director of Force Science

  • Dustin Salomon, CPP, Building Shooters

  • EMRTC IED & Suicide Bomber Training 

  • EMRTC Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings

  • FBI Criminal Sexuality & Rapist Technologies

  • FEMA AWR-111 Basic EMS Concepts for CBRNE Events

  • FEMA AWR-148 Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents

  • FEMA AWR-160 WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders

  • FEMA AWR-208 Crisis Management for Rural Schools

  • FEMA Civilian Preparedness Training

  • FEMA ICS-100 Introduction to Incident Command

  • FEMA ICS-200 Basic Incident Command

  • FEMA ICS-300 Intermediate Incident Command

  • FEMA ICS-700 National Incident Management System

  • FEMA ICS-800 National Response Framework

  • FEMA IS-216 Federal Disaster Recovery Leadership

  • FEMA IS-22 Citizen Preparedness

  • FEMA IS-235.c Emergency Planning

  • FEMA IS-241 Decision Making & Problem Solving

  • FEMA IS-5.a Introduction to Hazmat

  • FEMA IS-906 Workplace Security Training

  • FEMA IS-907 Active Shooter Training

  • FEMA IS-909 Community Preparedness Training

  • FEMA IS-914 Surveillance Awareness

  • Front Sight, Defensive Handgun Graduate

  • Gavin DeBecker, Gavin deBecker & Associates

  • Greg Amundson, FLETC

  • Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis- Dave Young (Vistelar)

  • Jamie Borden, Critical Incident Review

  • Jason Speller, DRAW Academy

  • Jeff Johnsgaard, Detective Sergeant Canadian Police

  • John Black, Aragon National Inc

  • John Bostain, Command Presence Training

  • Ken Murray, Reality Based Training Association Director of Training

  • KLETC Response to Active Shooter

  • Lance LoRusso, Esq, LoRusso Law Firm, PC

  • Laura Scarry, JD

  • Lon Bartel, Director of Training and Curriculum at VirTra

  • Lt Col Dave Grossman, Grossman Academy

  • Mario Staller, Professor of Psychology 

  • Michael Musengo, Force Science

  • Mike Goldstein, Provicta

  • NASRO Basic & Advanced School Resource Officer Certification

  • National Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification

  • NCMEC Missing & Abducted Children Training 

  • Neuroanatomy of Street Survival- Tony Blauer (Blauer Training Systems)

  • Nicholas Murray, Phd, Professor of Kinesiology, Director of the Visual Motor Lab East Carolina University

  • Nicole Florisi, MS, Sgt, Law Enforcement SME

  • NREMT Understanding and Responding to School Bomb Incidents

  • Professor Chris Cushion, Professor of Coaching and Pedagogy at Loughborough University

  • Royce Gracie, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu & Self Defense

  • Sandra Adiarte, SAS, CMS, PhD Candidate of Bond University Tactical Research Unit

  • SANE/SART Sexual Assault Response Team Training 

  • Scott Savage, Savage Training Group

  • Shawn Thibeault, SPEAR Law Enforcement Division of Blauer Tactical Systems

  • Simon Baldwin, PhD Carleton University

  • Taylor McCubbin, ChimeraXR CEO

  • The Power of Intuition- James Hamilton (Gavin DeBecker & Associates)

  • Timothy Lee, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Kinesiology McMaster University

  • Von Kliem, Consulting Director Force Science

  • Wendy Dorrestijn, MSc MA, CMDR/Director Nederlandse Politie

  • William Petty, Centrifuge Training

Professional Memberships Include:

National Rifle Association Life Member

National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association

International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

International Law Enforcement Training Network

National Tactical Officers Association

Kansas Peace Officers Association

Kansas Rifle Association

National Wild Turkey Federation

Ducks Unlimited

National Association of School Resource Officers

International Association of Women Police

American Women’s Self Defense Association

The Well-Armed Woman Shooting Chapters

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League

ASIS International Member

2A Women

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