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NRA Instructor - Basics of Shotgun Shooting

Live-Fire Included, Instructor Course

Class Length: 11 hours

Prerequisites: NRA Basic Shotgun Course & NRA Basic Instructor Training Course

The NRA Basic Shotgun Instructor course teaches the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, promoting, and teaching the NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting course. Instructor Candidates must demonstrate organizational and teaching skills via participation in practical exercises during the course, pass a written instructor certification examination, and the shooting qualification. Range fees not included. Instructor Candidates are given two opportunities to successfully complete the Shooting Qualification standards, any addional attempts will need to be scheduled as an Individual Lesson at a later date. NRA Instructor Requirements

Lesson 1: NRA Basic Shotgun Outline & Lessons Plans

Lesson 2: Teaching Shotgun Knowledge & Safe Gun Handling

Lesson 3: Teaching Ammunition Knowledge & the Fundamentals of Shotgun Shooting

Lesson 4: Basic Shotgun Instructional Method

Lesson 5: Teaching Firing the First Shots

Lesson 6: Teaching Shotgun & the Shooting Skills Practical Exercises

Lesson 7: Evaluating & Improving Performance of Beginning Shotgun Shooters

Lesson 8: Teaching Continued Opportunities for Skill Development

Lesson 9: Using NRA Basic Shotgun Course Evaluation, Performance Requirements Checklist, Instructor Examination & Course Conclusion

Provided Prior to the Instructor Course:

  • NRA Basic Shotgun Course Certificate

  • NRA Basic Instructor Training Course Certificate

  • NRA Instructor Pre-Course Questionnaire

  • NRA Instructor Pre-Course Assessment

Required Equipment:

  • Driver's License/ID

  • Shotgun & 50 rounds of Ammunition

  • Eye/Ear Protection & any other needed equipment

  • Computer (to review the PowerPoint presentation & Lesson Plans)

  • You may bring lunch and/or snacks, beverages are available

  • It is highly recommended NRA Instructor Candidates have an active NRA Membership prior to the Instructor Course. NRA Membership Discounts

Download PDF • 137KB

Download PDF • 497KB

Download PDF • 464KB

NRA requires a minimum of 4 students enrolled in each Instructor class, classes with less than 4 students enrolled may be refunded or rescheduled.

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Susan Hutchcraft

Susan Hutchcraft

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