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Simulator Training - Use of Force

Simulator, Safety

Self Defense is 90% Mental… This training program is the perfect follow-up to our Concealed Carry class & what many students have described as “an absolute must for every gun owner".

Students will be put into simulated realistic scenarios including home invasions, carjacking, robbery & defense of others where they will be taught to use effective verbal commands, de-escalation techniques, avoidance & decision-making skills in addition to potential use of less lethal and/or firearms skills.

After each scenario we conduct an after-action review discussing the legal justification & long-term consequences of their response and explore other possible solutions that could potentially mitigate damages. Students will gain a better understanding of Self-Defense Laws, Limitations and Liabilities while learning to better manage their mental/emotional response and decision-making process through recognition-primed decision-making.

Instructor Susan Hutchcraft spent 17 years as a Kansas Police Officer and is a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Force Science Analyst & De-escalation Instructor, Law of Self Defense Instructor graduate, ALICE & ALERRT Instructor, USCCA & NRA Training Counselor & Emergency Medical Instructor. Her training programs provide a practical, well-rounded approach to personal safety, empowering each person to make the best decisions for their own life!

Simulator Training programs are also available for private groups or social events & can be personalized to meet your needs. We have over 1000 reality-based scenarios including specialized law enforcement & church security programs, Active Shooter, Low-light scenarios, working with barricades and movement, shoot-house courses, practical shooting competition, steel challenge, skill/speed builders, games, and competitions.

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Susan Hutchcraft

Susan Hutchcraft

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