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Simulator Event for Private Groups

Simulator, Safety

Private training is available for $100/hour, any size group & you decide what skills you want to work (play) on.

*Reality-Based Threat Management

*De-escalation & Verbal Commands

*Self Defense Legal Issues

*Low Light Training

*Cover/Concealment Training

*Defensive Shooting Skills/Marksmanship

*Shoothouse Simulator

*Duelling Tree & Competitions

*Practical Shooting Competition

*Steel Challenge

*Target Acquisition & Decision-Making

*Church Security & Law Enforcement Training

Instructor Susan Hutchcraft spent 17 years as a Kansas Police Officer and is a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Force Science Analyst & De-escalation Instructor, Law of Self Defense Instructor graduate, ALICE & ALERRT Instructor, USCCA & NRA Training Counselor & Emergency Medical Instructor. Her training programs provide a practical, well-rounded approach to personal safety, empowering each person to make the best decisions for their own life!


Susan Hutchcraft

Susan Hutchcraft

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