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"The only thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for good men to do Nothing" -Edmund Burke

Updated: May 2, 2023

Sometimes we give people more chances than they deserve, just to make sure we don't judge too harshly.... Over the last few years I've given the benefit of the doubt even when I knew better & even with the new & revised "code of conduct" I was forced to sign in order to access my student rosters. When asked I told people I assumed they meant that we must promote them within reason of "honesty & integrity" since they also refer to those qualities in the same document.

Well, here are the official documents from them, stating otherwise. Notice there are no references to, or accusations of any false, inaccurate, or misleading information. Because there absolutely wasn't any. This new agreement didn't sit well with me (especially since my business hasn't been affiliated with them since March 2021), so I was cautious in an attempt to abide by it as much as possible while being honest & factual with my students, teaching true to my own licensing, credentials, & experience. The only class of theirs I was running was the Instructor class as I still told the IC's it's the best material available for them to get started.

As a licensed Insurance Agent I am legally bound and held personally responsible for accurately describing the provisions of any policy I represent, pointing out the differences in any insurance products I am promoting, and assuring no misrepresentations of coverage. A quick glance through their current policy will make it clear why I could not recommend their product to my students and offer a non-insurance option instead. This letter from the USCCA clearly states that they have revoked my rights to the credentials and products I purchased from them because I did not promote their insurance product and/or recommended a competitive product.

It appears that the truth is only allowed if it is beneficial to them. Teaching accurate information is only important if it promotes them, and they consider it a violation of their code of conduct to be honest with your students or actually focus on protecting your community. To top it off, they've proven they actually will revoke the credentials from Instructors who have earned and paid for them, if they won't blindly refer their students to USCCA- even if you're not taking a dime from them.

As much as I've promoted them, stood up for them, supported & made excuses for them over the years, this was the last agreement preventing me from speaking publicly since I refused to sign an NDA in exchange for severance pay, and now have given up multiple instructor credentials and materials I paid for over the last 8 years. I want to make it clear to the thousands I have recruited to them, I can no longer stand behind this company, their products, or "code of conduct". Which I'm sorry, but at this point also means I cannot recommend any Instructor that is willing to abide by this code of conduct in order to maintain a relationship with them.

Integrity is standing up for what's right, even when it's not the popular or easy choice. This letter was not specific to me or my situation, but makes their priorities so incredibly clear that I felt it necessary to be transparent in my business in order to educate others who may also be affected by their business requirements.

For those who don't already know, this post doesn't come lightly, I've put in a lot of heart, soul, time and effort into this company over the last several years. The information provided in that document leaves no question left as to the current ethics of the company so I'll share it with all of you just as I shared all the good reviews over the years.

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